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Synvertec developed Synchronverter®, a control algorithm that interacts with inverter switches and emulates the mechanical and electrical properties of a synchronous generator.

By integrating Synchronverter, inverters play an active role in the stabilization of grids whose considerable renewable energy source (RES) proportions would otherwise create significant instability.

Synvertec’s algorithm enables conventional DC/AC converters to mimic synchronous generators and create synthetic inertia required for generating a stabilizing effect. Stabilization enables cost saving to the renewable sources' owners and therefore will increase the penetration of renewables connection to the grid. 

The patented Synchronverter enhances yields and maximizes the utilization of electricity provided by renewable energy sources in traditional and micro/smart grid topologies.

Sol-Chip an energy harvesting company that offers maintenance-free everlasting solar batteries as well as solar-powered IoT communication platforms.

The Internet of Things (IoT), the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, is one of the fundamental trends underlying the digital transformation of the global economy. It is now embedded in the lives of consumers and the operations of enterprises and governments. 


Sol-Chip's sustainable power solutions for a wide range of applications, including precision agriculture, smart cities, IoT for Thermal Management Systems in real-estate. The autonomous all-in-one chip-based solutions power sustainable IoT platforms, closing the gap between advanced technologies and remote areas with less developed infrastructure, regardless of electricity supply. The Company’s solutions are environmentally friendly and offer efficient two-way data communication and data management services.

Sol-Chip’s patented solar-panel-on-a-chip, coupled with its breakthrough energy-efficient design reduces overall operating costs by over 50%

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