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HydroX Logo

Hydro X is reinventing hydrogen storage and transportation.

Hydro X has developed a disruptive technology which enables to store and transport hydrogen in a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, cost and energy-efficient carrier, driving the cost of hydrogen storage and transportation below US$1/kgH2 and unlocking the hydrogen economy.

Founded at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem by Prof. Yoel Sasson, the company presents a patented solution to the H2 storage and transportation, the next frontier of the H2 economy.

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3db logo

3DBattery is a Li-Ion battery technology company providing improved capacity and mega-fast-charging.

New materials (SiNP and SiAnoSep) based anode technology allows a >50% silicon volume reduction; 3DB successfully presented its first battery with an energy density of 1000Wh/l, > 300Wh/kg.

3DB won a tender published by the Ministry of Energy and the bi-national US-Israel BIRD foundation to build a pilot-production-line and to develop a solid-state battery.

StoreDot logo

StoreDot is lithium-ion battery company which develops batteries that charge significantly faster than conventional

li-ion batteries.

StoreDot introduced the prototype of a new, highly-efficient battery technology which allows an electric car to charge in 10 minutes and a mobile phone battery to be fully charged in 30 seconds.

StoreDot has raised equity of over $150M from financial investors and strategic partners such as Daimler, Samsung, BP and Lucion.

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